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Ellen Melko Moore
Ellen Melko MooreCo Founder, Partner
Ellen Melko Moore is a social selling expert who has worked with hundreds of service-minded entrepreneurs to create compelling and powerful brands through remarkable content. She got her B.A. and M.A. in Literary Studies from Northwestern University in Chicago, then taught creative and persuasive writing at the University of Denver. Like many who have escaped academia before her, Ellen started visionary, mission-minded enterprises such as the world’s first book group consulting company Good Books Lately and The Bitch Slap of Truth, a TED-like speakers event but with more comedy. And cursing. Ellen loves teaching social selling on LInkedIn because it’s the most powerful tool, platform, and mindset combo ever for multiplying revenue AND meeting cool people from around the world. She also loves dogs, literary fiction, and pop culture—especially hip hop—and being on the planet at the same time as both Eckhart Tolle and Seth MacFarlane.
Mark D Fewsmith
Mark D FewsmithCo Founder, Partner
Mark Fewsmith grew up in New York City and has an MBA in international business from Manhattan College in Riverdale. Early fascination with computers and his passion for business solutions led Mark to become an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and later partner with Microsoft as a Microsoft Certified Partner (2000-2003). He owned and operated a networking company focusing on the needs of small businesses in New York City, which led into his involvement in the market: trading stocks for many years on the NSDAQ and NYSE. For the past 13 years his strategic gifts have been devoted to creating digital content marketing strategy for intentional entrepreneurs. It is his fault that Supertight Social Selling is focused on the LinkedIn B2B marketing space. Without him Ellen would most likely still be rubbing two sticks together. In his spare time, Mark is an accomplished musician who writes, records, and loves to play guitar with other talented local musicians – Chicago and Delta blues, classic rock all the way.