LinkedIn Social Selling Experts


LinkedIn Profile & Messaging Makeover

Need a quick win on LinkedIn to get you moving? There’s three parts to any great LinkedIn strategy, and two of them are your profile (front-loaded for remarkable value) and your targeting-messaging strategy (there’s a mindset and method to this that gets people’s positive, responsive attention very quickly). We’ll help you make over your LinkedIn profile top to bottom, and show you how to KEEP making small improvements over time that will communicate something very special to your network. Next, we’ll show you how to access YOUR best people on LinkedIn - both clients and referral partners - with communication that connects and creates deep allegiance. One Last Thing: the people who do the very best on LinkedIn know how to separate the gold nuggets of great connections from the greater majority of pebbles and rocks that crowd the riverbed. A truly great profile and messaging strategy is only as effective as its ability to help you have more calls with truly qualified prospects and partners, and fewer calls with those who are just stargazing, gladhanding, or just generally faffing around.

Supertight Social Selling on LinkedIn: The Full Package

Create and refine a Linkedin Buyer System that will turn qualified connections into conversations and conversations into serious leads, both during the time of the engagement and after your Linkedin Playbook is created. We focus on the quality of the leads rather than the quantity. It does you no good to speak with prospects who aren’t qualified, prepared, or excited to accept your offer. Our job is to create a system that ensures you’re speaking to people who have both a serious interest and the ability to pay for your service. One of the best things about Linkedin is that we get to test both target market and messaging, both audience and articulation. Through the creation of profile, content, and messaging, we develop language and strategy that you can also use for other marketing strategies if you want. If your ultimate aim is business development, “the WHO is the most important thing you’ll do.” In other words, our most essential task is to find the kind of professionals for whom your offer is perfectly positioned - and thus irresistible. Instead of the “churn and burn” of many “done for you” digital marketing strategies that target “everyone” who meets your search criteria, this is about building and connecting with a prosperous, sophisticated community of professionals who WANT to learn and buy from you.