LinkedIn Social Selling Experts

The Mind, Heart, and Stunning Success of the Modern Social Seller

The funny thing about the term “social selling” is that when done right, it is neither “social” (in the traditional sense of social media), nor is it “selling” (as many of us tend to think of that word). It is highly personal and value-driven. The 2022 social seller’s approach is not for everyone, particularly for B2B professionals who think mainly in terms of “numbers” and “saving time.”

There’s nothing surprising in this numbers-driven mentality when most of us have been raised in the last two decades to evaluate the success of our strategies in terms of likes, followers, connections, or sales conversations. But once we look past these numbers, there is only one number that truly matters, and that is the number of highly satisfied paying clients. In this respect, many initially skeptical founders and leaders become very happy converts - discovering that the best possible way to speed up their sales is to slow down, deliver value, and create relationships.

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