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2022 Social Selling: The New Digital Sales Alchemy

The 2022 version of Social Selling (sometimes called relationship marketing) represents the most significant advance in both sales and marketing, both digital and traditional networking. It’s a seismic shift that propels us to a mindset and strategy that combine the precision of digital targeting with the true civility of deeply personal relationships.

linkeIn Socail Selling Experts

A high touch Social Selling strategy generates both remarkable marketing and remarkable ROI for all our sales efforts. We are freed - forever - from the stress of spending too much time talking to the wrong people with messaging that doesn’t make much of a difference. Our sales continue to skyrocket inside a consistent commitment to deliver huge value to our very special audience.

Why LinkedIn is The Best Foundation for High Touch B2B Sales:

 Despite what you may hear about LinkedIn getting taken over by “lead generation” monsters or Instafamous influencers, it still remains the one and only place for ambitious, serious, results-oriented professionals to recognize each other by the fruits of a lifetime of work.  There’s just no comparison with any other platform when it comes to:

  • The accuracy and clarity of targeting.
  • The online networking that creates offline conversations, friendships, and collaborations.
  • The “look under the hood”:  look down at a personal profile and you will find the record of a life and lifetime’s work that you can’t find on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. 
  • The client-facing, value-driven privilege to be a resource, not a resume.